Pete Rose Still Has A Gambling Problem


The argument rages on and on about whether Pete Rose should be in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.  For years, I have argued that he should be based on his hitting merits alone, not what he did wrong as a manager.  A recent trip to the gambling capitol of the world, Las Vegas, has made me reconsider my stance.

Walking through the Forum Shops at Caesers Palace on Saturday, I spotted a “signing autographs today, Pete Rose” sign outside of The Field of Dreams store.  Heading in, I saw Pete sitting behind a table and yacking on his cell phone.  He was also writing, but not his name.  Making my way farther around the table where he signs, I was able to snap this shot that had a monitor showing horse races.  Pete was scribbling his perfectas and trifectas on a big pad while he talked on his phone.

A customer paid the asking fee of $69.00 for an autographed baseball.  Rose never got off of the phone, continued to worry about the races and stopped concentrating for a split second to scribble his name on a keepsake I would not pay a dime for, not now.

Maybe Pete should check into rehab instead of Caesers Palace for a week.

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  • RFS:

    How is his signature still worth any money? He’s probably signed 80 gazillion balls by now.

  • gina:


  • […] as he signs baseballs while keeping close tabs on the horsies. Yeah, this'll change your image. Paneech snapped this photo outside of the Field of Dreams store at the Forum Shops at Caesers Palace. Quote: "A customer […]

  • Vince:

    Yeah, I ran into Pete at The Orleans on a recent trip to Vegas. I wanted to say “Hi” but he totally ignored me. Now I know why. When will people get off the guy’s back. He is contracted by this memorabilia shop in Vegas to sign autographs. He also enjoys horse racing and, the last I checked, it is legal to bet on horses in Vegas and on-line. None of this crap has ANYTHING to do with the fact Pete Rose is the all-time hits leader of MLB. Most of us have screwed-up at some time during our lives. Only one of us can claim to have more hits than anyone who ever played professional baseball.

  • Anna:

    I’m not sure if the writer knows this, but that’s pretty much a permanent gig for Pete. My parents go to Vegas a few times a year and for the last couple years have seen him there at that same store with the sign ‘Signing autographs Today – Pete Rose!’ Friends of mine saw him last January doing it and I saw him in March. He clearly has a problem and needs help.

    • I am aware that Pete signs regularly at Field of Dreams at Caeser’s. I am also aware that most people you give $69 to for a signature have enough class to ignore the habit for a few moments to recognize a true fan’s adoration of a hitting legend.

  • Does not surprise me at all.

  • Frank:

    Pete should go to rehab for putting a few bucks on the horse race?? Give me a break. It’s not a crime to bet on horses. Who gives a sh*t? The guy’s allowed to gamble if he wants, and he certainly has less of a gambling problem than some other prominent former athletes. I’m more disappointed that he was rude to a fan.

  • newedge:

    Since it has become obvious that Wall Street is just another form of gambling in Las Vegas, why not go after those addicted to the “markets”.

  • c r:

    How about the fact he can’t make it to the day the Reds were going to honor his tie-braking hit because he has an appearance scheduled at a casino that day.

  • David:

    aww wahhhhhhh. so he gambles, he shouldnt have gambled on baseball but its not illegal. whoever wrote this has to be mentally challenged, who wouldnt want the best hitter in baseball’s autograph?

  • tdm:

    i am not a pete rose fan but i did get him to sign a ball, it was in 2007, we were in vegas to get married. Rose saw this hot looking girl in a red dress, made a comment in which i agreed with him and i told him i was in vegas to get married. he wanted to meet my wife and took pictures with us and offered his congrats. He actually stopped signing balls to chit chat a few and pose for a few pictures, nothing but nice.

  • brkfldboulder:

    His autograph isn’t worth the ball it’s written on. Your an idiot for paying 69.00 for something that’s worth nothing because there is so many out their.Him and Roger Clemens are two of the biggest liars in sports Maybe after ten years Roger will tell the truth also but it’s too late.They would rather lie when the truth sounds better.

  • Leo Pellerin:

    It is not illegal to gamble or to sign autographs in Vegas. The problem is Pete Rose violated the rule 6.06(d) prohibiting the use of a corked bat or a tampered bat. An X-ray of a his Mizuno PR4192 bat, commissioned by Pete Rose is illegal and can’t be argued. Secondly his passionate love for baseball was shrouded and clouded with his lust for gambling during his player/manager career. To consider reinstatement to the Hall of Fame we must remember it isn’t about Pete but what laws were broken.

  • Tony Pugliese:

    Half the NFL and NBA have criminal records.
    Wife beating, Drunken Driving Manslaughter, Gambling, Etc Etc..
    Pete Rose did the tasks that nobody ever will acomplish. He did them BEFORE he gambled on baseball when he was coaching.
    To keep him out of the hall of fame is ludicrous. This is a real shame. Would he get in if he had AIDS? Excessive gambling is a sickness. Where is the ACLU?

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