The Steelers Will Not Make The Playoffs

Ben Roethlisberger has a bad headache.  Charlie Batch has a bad wrist.  Troy Polamalu is still gimpy.  Welcome to the other side of the spectrum Steeler fans, it’s called bad luck, and you didn’t have too much of it last season. 

Losing to Kansas City in Week 11 and dropping to 6-4 is only part of the problem.  Yeah, I know, you get to play the Browns again.  Can Dennis Dixon solve all of your problems?  uh, no.

Dixon (pictured while getting hurt at Oregon) is an athlete who probably didn’t work much with the first unit at practice.  The way it was drawn up, if Ben got hurt, Charlie would put his cape on and fly in to save the day.  I don’t know if Dixon will even play.  Ben is claiming he is fine, but with all of the chances the Chiefs had to sack him (and couldn’t) how long will he last against the Ravens this weekend?

The offensive line has struggled.  Last year the defense was bailing a subpar offense out almost every game.  This year, the shoe is on the other foot, as the Steelers have given up a return touchdown in an NFL record of eight straight games.  The Rooney’s won’t stand for it, that’s why Pittsburgh always rebounds.  However, the hourglass is running thin and even though Cincinnati only has a one game lead, they beat Pittsburgh twice to control a tiebreaker.


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