Promo Fail: Saturday Is Victor Martinez Bobblehead Night (In Cleveland)

Man, when it rains, it pours.  It has been pouring in Cleveland all week.  Victor Martinez was sent packing by the Indians Friday.  In return, they failed to obtain Clay Buchholz, the prized pospect.  Instead they took a chance on potential with Justin Masterson and a couple of bowls of clam chowder. 

What can only be considered as weird, Saturday is Victor Martinez bobblehead giveaway night, in Cleveland, where Martinez used to play.  Maybe the front office can schedule CC Sabathia bobblehead night for September.  People will want the Martinez dolls, but you don’t go to McDonald’s and order a Whopper too often, do you?

The Indians trades are getting mixed reviews.  Some experts are saying that they did a wonderful job of stocking the cupboard with potential hurlers.  They traded one pitcher and got back nine in the three trades.  Other experts are ridiculing the front office for following the Pirates formula of finishing in the bottom five in MLB’s win column, but in the top five in MLB’s profit margin column.

Victor Martinez had his heart broken by the trade.  He cried as he hugged teammates and said his goodbyes.  He felt a loyalty that players need to become callous to in today’s economy.  I hate the fact that the Indians drafted him as a 17-year old and just kicked him to the curb so they can save a few bucks. 

The Pirates five-year rebulding plan has been in motion for 17 years now.  It still has not worked.  Being sandwiched halfway between Pittsburgh and Cleveland is annoying as a baseball fan right now.  Anyway, be one of the 20,000 in attendance at Progressive Field tomorrow and grab yourself a Victor Martinez Cleveland Indians bobblehead doll.

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