Why The Pittsburgh Pirates Should Be Suspended

It’s like somebody keeps trying to poke the Pittsburgh Pirates mascot logo’s other eye out.  Problem is that it is happening from within – sabotage, conspiracy, and greed.  Meet the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Major League Baseball should impose fines to Pirate management and ownership for not even trying to win.  This team is only 7.5 games out of first place right now, but they keep making moves to eat away at what they are paying out.

About a month ago, Nate McLouth was peddled to Atlanta.  Sure, Charlie Morton might end up being OK someday, I grasp that logic.  McLouth was a proven commodity who they did not want to pay, so they moved him.  Same with Jason Bay, Xavier Nady, Bobby Bonilla, Barry Bonds, Doug Drabek, Nyjer Morgan, and on and on and on… 

This pattern sickens me.  The LaRoche trade yesterday confirms what so many have known for so long.  Pittsburgh’s baseball franchise doesn’t care a lick about trying to win.  They take good players and feed the rest of baseball with the talent they grow.  They (management) then whine about how they cannot afford to pay these guys because attendance is so poor.  I’m sick of that story too.  Keep bodies on the field and you might put bodies in seats.

I am serious, this practice needs to be reviewed by the powers that be.  If I were a season ticket holder for this team, I would be calling my lawyer to find out how to recoup my wasted money.  There was absolutely no intent to win in the past 18 seasons.  Pittsburgh is simply a flea market for the rest of baseball.  Trading your All-Star outfielder (McLouth) before the break when you are 5 games out of first place is ridiculous.

I am all for sending the Pirates management elsewhere.  Let’s trade them to New York or Boston so they can display their Lemonade Tycoon mentality on a bigger stage.  Bring someone in to own and run the team that wants to win.  Sign Roy Halladay, make a damn run.  Do something to prove to people you care about their interests an inkling.

Maybe it’s because of the Penguins and Steelers successes that Pirates management feels they can be lax and just get through another harvest without trying to win.  Yeah, that’s it… the public already feels good about Pittsburgh sports, so screw this Pirates winning thing, lets keep dumping players and the Steelers will open training camp and people can root for a team trying to win again.

Nothing against the players, because they are trying their hardest to still win games.  If Garrett Jones, Ryan Doumit and Andrew McCutchon keep performing the way they have been, they too may get an “E” ticket out to a winner.  Can’t keep guys with stats like that. 

Lastings Milledge sucks.  The Mets found that out firsthand last season.  He couldn’t even crack the lineup in Washington.  Pittsburgh basically gave the Nationals Nyjer Morgan, who has been on fire ever since, for Milledge and Joel Hanrahan.  Mark my words, Milledge will be cut by years end.  Then again, it is Pittsburgh.  They may try to put him in the pen with the two teenage Indians who won the reality show (more cheap contracts).  Maybe next year, my 88 year-old grandmother can hit cleanup when they run out of people.

If you do not want to even attempt winning, sell the team, not all of the players.

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  • tito:

    It’s obvious you have no clue what you are talking about.

  • Hmmm.. Thanks for that concrete argument. I’m not sure if you are optimistic that the Pirates will win the World Series this year, or maybe you are a management representative defending all of these great trades. Please elaborate.

  • Miguel:

    Wow, this article is a joke. Nate McLouth has had 3 good months in the majors and the rest he has been average and if you think that Morgan is better than Milledge you have never watched baseball. Morgan has speed and a glove but is one of the worst baserunners there is for his speed. How does a guy like that get caught stealing 13 times? And LaJoke is probably one of the worst hitters in the majors, the only reason he actually had a spot on this team was because of his glove.

  • Miguel:

    And the Pirates traded LaJoke so they have more room to sign Sano!

  • Tank:

    Don’t flatter yourself paneech of crap….managemtn wouldnt waste their time on your little site….but tito is right, u don’t have a clue.

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  • quinn23:

    Great blog there, I’m really glad to see people are finally getting hot enough about this to make things happen.

    No matter how bad it gets, there will always be mercenaries who think greed and disloyalty are fine, “as long as we win games.” Of course, we’re not even doing that and don’t look to for some time now. And everyone knows when we do, there will have to be more “adjustments.”

    It’s time to wake up. It’s over. The Wilson/Sanchez trade pushed Pittsburgh — that’s right, the entire ‘Burgh, not just the Bucs — over the top from national running gag to outright laughingstock. Most major sportscasters are making viscious cracks (“Jack Wilson looks like he just escaped from prison.” “The Pirates are a de facto farm team.” “The Pirates are trying to trade Johnny Depp, and I hear the Parrot’s available.”). There’s no way to put a good spin on it anymore. The Pirates front office has become a blight on the entire city.

  • Done:

    Paneech is totally correct on all accounts. How many of you who disagree actually live in Pittsburgh? I do and let me tell you its a nightmare to see the sport you love get so abused. Remember what we got for Aramis Rameriz? Money! Why, because the current ownership is veryt talented at making money at the expense of love for the game. Do you know the Pirates have been one of the top PROFIT making MLB teams over the last few years? In the top 5 consistently. How? Because they put the revenue sharing money in their pocket and not back into the team! Just as the brillant George Steinbrenner of the NYY predicted when he led the charge against the current revenue sharing league rules. My sons love sports and couldn’t care less about the Pirates. In fact, one is a big Dodger fan. Every time we grow to like a player, he develops, gets better, he gets traded so the Pirates don’t have to pay. With the current roster, what are we at, something meager like, 25 million? That’s not going to be competitive. ANd, how many times have we heard about the 5 year plan starting? We used to be season ticket holders. We’ve boycotted PNC Park for 3 years now. Wish more would do the same. Once the current management team isn’t as profitable, they’ll sell and then maybe we can get smart business people in who actually balance their bottom line profit with a winning season goal. Guess what, that means we’ll probably have to invest in some larger, longer term playing contracts. Imagine, buying a Pirate jersey and actually being able to wear it for years insteadl of it becoming obsolete as soon as that player is more marketable and is traded. I’m happy for Wilson and Sanchez. They’re now free of this Pgh crap.

  • Doyle Peterson:

    The Pirates are going to move to Las Vegas,
    in the miiddle of the night.Art Modell did it.

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  • gary:

    well we`ve played 89 games lost 59 im happy i hope they loose 100 . if management don`t care y should i. ill never go back to a pirate game, there a disgrace, and the owners r named nuttings perfect. id have to b nuts to go to another game.

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