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Stone Temple Pilots Present Weekend Links

In my opinion, the Stone Temple Pilots are one of the most unheralded musical acts in American music history.  Everyone knows that frontman Scott Weiland has had problems keeping his nose clean since 1992.  However, the gifted singer has not touched heroin in seven years and admitted on Howard Stern’s Sirius Radio show that he hasn’t done any drugs in over three years.  STP has a brand new studio disc coming out May 25th.  The first single is called Between The Lines and the magical sound and harmonies are back.  The self-titled new release will be followed up with an extensive tour.  Be on the lookout for the Stone Temple Pilots to make big noise this Summer.

Here are some great stories from other sites:

Zoner Sports has a brawl in the stands at the old ball game from Chicago at a recent White Sox game.

7th Inning Stache asks the question Should Hanley Ramirez be traded? to baseball fans everywhere.

Guyism thinks at least ten athletes deserve their own star on the walk of fame.

PSAMP examines a Steelers 5th Super Bowl t-shirt in this weeks installment of Great Moments in Unlicensed Pittsburgh Sports Merchandise.

Babes Love Baseball has an entertaining look at what people who aren’t good enough to play real baseball do to feel like they can.

The Cage Doctors find Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson still doing a lot of trash talking leading up to UFC 114.

Lets Go Guins has the story of why Viginia Tech 3-star linebacker Jake Johnson is transferring to Youngstown State University.

The Youngstown Phantoms have posted their draft picks on the official website and a local named JT Miller from East Palestine is now aboard.

Tuesday Links With Roger Waters

In a contest to see who could go broke first, Roger Waters has apparently won.  Tickets went on sale pretty much everywhere in the past five days for Waters tour of the US and they were a bit pricy.  Waters is touring without David Gilmour, who in my opinion was the voice of Pink Floyd.  To catch a “fleeting glimpse” of the Pink Floyd-like concert, expect to shell out a pretty penny.  The average seat is about $210.00 after Ticketmaster fees.  Waters who turns 67 this September is excited about the tour.  Unfortunately, I would rather see Ringo Starr do songs from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band for more than half the admission fee.

Here are some stories from other great sites…

*Babes Love Baseball takes a look at 40 year-old Ken Griffey Jr. and his fading abilities with Not now kids, grandpa is taking a nap.

*NESW Sports uncovers a big scam as they bust the morning show Yo-Yo Master who has been cheating with his Duncan for years.

*PSAMP has some visuals of “The Bus”, Jerome Bettis playing golf in the story titled Jerome Bettis is a fat golfer.

*Gunaxin does a neat piece on 13 hockey goalie masks that have played a role in pop culture.

*Real Fake Sports has the story of a pitcher who got into trouble for NOT throwing a no-hitter against the Baltimore Orioles.

*Pippenainteasy has a link to a website welcoming Lebron James to Chicago to play for the Bulls.

*Outside The Boxscore provides the story of how the Phillie Phanatic dressed up as Lady GaGa and got beat by an umpire.



Linked And Loaded 2/15 – Monday

Shovel snow, watch Olympics…   Shovel more snow, watch more Olympics…   Salt driveway, watch Olympics…   Eat dinner while watching Olympics…  Watch Olympics.

The best part about the upcoming Winter Olympic Games from Vancouver is that they are constantly going to be on television.  I am not a curling fan, but I watch it during the Olympics.  It is a great event to promote a little national spirit.  Root for the home team, and watch the Olympics.

Here are some stories from other great sites…

Sports Untapped has the dirt on Tim Lincecum’s new contract.

 Josh Q Public has a nice piece on Nate Robinson, the little green dunk machine.

7th Inning Stache has a Frank Thomas tribute video that was too hot for Canada as the Big Hurt has announced formally he is retired.

 No Guts, No Glory has eight burning questions for NBA All-Star Weekend.

Global Sports Fraternity presents Tony Dorsett hosting Masterpiece Theatre.


Linked And Loaded – Midweek Edition

Poor Zydrunas Ilgauskas.  “Coach Of The YearMike Brown, aka LeBron’s ventriloquist puppet, showed poor common sense when he failed to put Big Z on the court against Dallas on Saturday.  Ilgauskas is set to break the franchise record for games played by a Cavalier.  LeBron spouted off about it saying that Brown should have gotten him into the game.  Brown, of course, is defending not playing Ilgauskas saying that Dallas was shorter and quicker and he needed to match ’em up that way.  When did Shaq start running a 4.5 40-yard dash?  Boo Mike BrownBoo.

Here are some stories from other great sites:



Linked And Loaded – Wednesday – 11/18

Money must be really tight in Hulk Hogan’s world these days.  I know his ex-wife took him for a ride.  I also know that the civil suit against Nick Hogan was costly.  I also comprehend that Florida is not a cheap state to live in.  Add all of those negatives, and you get another Hulk Hogan comeback.  This time Hogan is on TNA, where most of the stars are his own age, in the 50-60 year old range.

Here are some stories from elsewhere:


Linked And Loaded – Thursday – 11/12

Wow, time for college hoops again!  Who will make it to this years March Madness?  Can Youngstown State pop through and use all of that experience?  Will the five teams YSU plays that were in last years tourney get back in?  Will Xavier run the table this year?  Will Coppin State get blown out in the first round like they do every other year?  Will Pitt have enough in the paint?  Stay tuned, it all starts this week.

Here are some stories from other great sites:


Linked And Loaded – Tuesday – 11/10/09

And the Penguin band played on.  The above photo was taken at last week’s Youngstown State Homecoming Game.  The band really sounds good and they do a nice job playing and moving around.  The amount of time that these folks spend practicing is very underappreciated by football fans sometimes.  Go buy a hot dog at the two minute warning and show some respect to these students who are literally playing their hearts out every week.

Here are some stories from other great sites:


Linked And Loaded For The Weekend

Youngstowners, mark Sunday, November 29 in your datebooks.  Extreme International Ice Racing is coming to The Covelli Centre.  The average ticket price is about $18.00 and from what I heard (and I am in no way into this sort of thing) it is a must-see event.  I plan on giving it a shot.  Usually when Eric Ryan and Ken Bigley hype something for Youngstown and I never heard of it, I try the unknown and usually leave satisfied.  The racing starts at 5:30, so be sure to grab a ticket and head downtown to see it.

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Linked And Loaded – Wednesday – 10/28

Two great players on one team.  Two accomplished athletes who love to compete, but love to win more.  Two guys with one goal, to bring an NBA Championship to Cleveland.  If last night was any indicator, two guys have their work cut out.  The Cavs started the game on a positive note.  They were finishing, Anthony Parker looked like the right peg for the vacant hole, and for a moment, I believed that the two men pictured would be able to carry the rest of the load.  Unfortunately, the Cavs fell into ‘predictable’ mode in the second half and played like they did against Orlando in last years postseason.  It’s one game, I won’t kick and scream yet, but changes must be made to the offense.  Boston 95, Cleveland 89. 

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Linked And Loaded For The Weekend

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The campaign was originally created to advise women to be alert for early detection of breast cancer so that it may be more easily treated.  When you see a woman driving a car with a pink ribbon, it may not mean she has had to battle the cancer, but rather is well aware of the risks of not getting checked.  This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the campaign.

Here are some stories from other great sites: