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Welcome to Paneech.com. I will do my very best to keep this site fresh, entertaining, and “unpredictable“.

The strength of Paneech.com will be a forum to predict the outcomes of future sporting events. Do not mistake this site for a gambling page. I will not take credit card numbers as this is all in fun. Say something in reply to a prediction I make, differ with me, agree with me, but tell me why! I will give you reasons why I support a decision and expect the same in return from you, my readers.

This website will concentrate on sports. If you are a soccer fan, find a different place to go. I will cover Boxing, MMA, Wrestling, Football, Baseball, Hockey, and Basketball regularly. I will also throw in the occasional Golf, Tennis, and NASCAR post.

Feel free to send a comment anytime. Please suggest sporting events you would like to be predicted! Thanks so much for checking out my site and I hope you will return frequently.

2 Responses to “About Paneech.com”

  • Nancy:

    Cannot find a schedule for YSU’s girls fastpitch games, interested in watching them at McCune Park.

  • ron:

    Hi, I saw your article about Joel Hanrahan almost becoming the first pitcher to win and lose the same game. I remember the old John Madden show on radio where he promoted some product and then had some obscure game or play in sports. One of his shows he told about a pitcher in the 30’s or 40’s before lighting, when a game was called because of darkness and resumed the next time they met.Well, the pitcher that was losing was traded to the other team and won the game. One of the teams was Philadelphia (I don’t know if it was the A’s or Phillies) Can you check this out??

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