World’s Toughest Mudder Concludes, Good Cause Benefits From Competition

It is a test of man vs man, and also man vs nature, filled with athletes who bring different strengths and weaknesses to these games.  Some of the athletes are stronger, rugged weightlifter type guys, while other are speedy, slender, marathon running types.  Shapes and sizes are part of the beauty that form the “Tough Mudder” makeup.

The outcome even takes a backseat to the cause.  All of the proceeds generated at the “Tough Mudder” competition go toward the Wounded Warrior Project, which is a non-profit organization that raises money for service men and women who were severely injured.

The competition itself entails a 10-12 mile obstacle course that challenge strength, stamina, mental toughness, and camaraderie.  That criteria alone would make it unique.

To browse the Tough Mudder official webpage, I saw the three criteria statements that the organization posted and expounded on.

  1. Marathon Running Is Boring.
  2. Mudders Do Not Take Themselves Seriously.
  3. You Cannot Complete A Tough Mudder Course Alone.

So more importantly than winning to the founders, is helping fellow competitors complete the course.  It is not a contest to find the ultimate physical fitness specimen that the Cleveland Browns would pay decent money to clone, but rather an exhibition of sportsmanship where finishing the course is the goal – not necessarily finishing the course first.

The two-day weekend staged event is taking place at various locations around the world and only so many spots to participate are sold for each.

Want in?  Hone your skills on the monkey bars, carrying large chunks of wood for set distances, swim, climb, jump, help people swim, climb, and jump, and show up in shape – both mentally and physically.  Oh yeah, and bring a change of clothes, the ‘Mudder’ part of the title is also an adjective of a good part of the course.

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  • Ron Stevens:

    Thanks for a great story about a group that gets no other notice. Months and Months of training goes into preparation for one of these events. My Son and his team of six, Team Pathetic, competed this past weekend at the Ohio/Mich Tough Mudder with a record 10,000 other Mudders on Saturday alone. I believe his team raised about $1300. for the Wounded Warrior Project. My Son and two other members of his team crossed the finish line in 3 hrs 24 min and my Son was notified today that his time qualified him for the World Tough Mudder, shown in the article video clip from 2011. He wears many hats but now he is one Tough Mudder!! Six more months of training and maybe he can call himself the World’s Toughest Mudder. Either way, this Veteran Father is very Proud and Appreciates the efforts of Everyone.

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