Jake Giuriceo Seeks Aggressive Returns In California


Jake Giuriceo isn’t far along in his professional boxing career yet, but he is ready to adapt.  In a phone conversation with Giuriceo, he was emphatic about returning to his old ways, reinventing “The Bull” style of fighting.  Giuriceo will face Jaime Orrantia (26-24-5) on Saturday in a bout that says a lot about where the Campbell, Ohio natives career goes next.

The fight, which will take place at the Doubletree Hotel in Orange County, is a rare event outside of this area for The Bull.  Joe Corvino, Giuriceo’s manager, said that this fight will have potential promoters in the audience and hopes that Giuriceo can look sharp and land a good deal.  Corvino also noted that it is time for Giuriceo to fight on the road to help broaden his fan base.

“This guy has had 50 fights”, remarked Giuriceo.  “He is not going to be a pushover by any means.  Anyone with that many fights and has more wins than losses can present problems, so we are really working hard in the gym to get ready.”


Giuriceo (14-0-1, 3 KO’s) talked about what he needs to accomplish fighting a weight class higher than his last fight.

“I need to get back to being ‘The Bull’.  That means I will be be moving forward and throwing more punches, just really being more aggressive.  I think Frankie [Duarte] is excited about training me to be more aggressive, he loves it.”

Giuriceo will hope that promoters Gary Shaw and Kenny Thompson will like what they see so he can land the del that could springboard his career to the next step.

Either way, Giuriceo will be getting married after this fight and said his fiance, Jackie Mazias, will be flying out to California for this fight and to support her future husband.

Results will be posted here once I get them from Giuriceo or his camp.

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  • THE MOM:

    This is my baby muy middle son and I am so proud of this guy,the man he has become love you baby win this ,GOD BLESS LOVE MAMA

  • ernie duarte:

    with ex champ frankie duarte and ken burnside in jake’s corner he will be champ one day

  • ernie duarte:

    my bad with his faith in jesus christ & duarte&burnside in jake’s corner he will be champ one day soon

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