Fearless NFL Postseason Predictions


Anyone who knows me would guess that once they opened this article, they would see a picture of Drew Brees and a prediction that the New Orleans Saints would be the NFL Champions this season.  It kills me to say that I am going against my heart and going with the weather.  Green Bay will beat New Orleans in the NFC Championship game, probably in a foot of snow.

To me, the NFC Championship game will be better than the Super Bowl if the Saints and Packers square off at Lambeau.  Some would argue that Aaron Rodgers is not a cold weather quarterback because he played at California.  Conversely, Drew Brees played at Purdue, where it snows a little more regularly than the West Coast.

The Packers have a tremendous takeaway ratio, best in the NFL.  Neither defense deserves to win a Super Bowl as they have both given up boatloads of points at a time throughout the regular season.  The best defensive team, other than Baltimore, would be San Francisco.  The Niners have been winning games, not by blowing anyone out, but rather by allowing fewer points than they put up on offense.

Nobody really expected Denver to beat Pittsburgh.  That all comes to an end as New England will blow Denver out this weekend.  The secondary stinks, but Tim Tebow is about out of smoke and mirrors for this season.  Baltimore should beat Houston.  Look for Arian Foster to struggle on the ground, narrowing the pass game of the Texans.

In the AFC Championship Game, I see New England getting by the Ravens to face the Packers.  In the end though, too much Green Bay offense against that horrid defensive secondary that the Patriots have. Tom Brady will pull out a closer game than anyone will expect against Baltimore.  However, the lack of a running game will help Green Bay better cover the pass.  Rodgers will be shooting fish in a barrel.

My Super Bowl Prediction:  Green Bay 47, New England 24.

PS, if the Saints should overcome the elements and upset the Packers, shame on me for going against my own team.

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  • scotty:

    I can’t believe you went against your Saints.I’m picking your Saints to beat Baltimore in the superbowl 35-24

  • mike:

    It’s time to update your playoff predictions now that the playoffs are down to the last 4 teams.

    I will predict New England 21 49ers 17

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