Being Donald Jones: Beating The Patriots And Keeping Momentum


Donald Jones predicted Buffalo could beat New England because there were match-ups that the Bills offense could control.  Point taken, 3-0, and Buffalo is rolling along like a championship team with a seemingly unstoppable offense.  Jones had his best game as a professional, hauling in five passes for 101 yards leading a scoring machine called the Bills.

The former Youngstown State Penguin talked about the big win over New England.  “We won the game, and it is a huge win to beat them [New England].  We have been fortunate to dig our way out of holes that we are putting ourselves in early, and we are addressing that.  We are happy with the win though, it is a huge step for us.”

Jones set up the winning points with a great 48-yard reception. “That play was something that we worked on in practice.  When we got up to the line, Fitz [Ryan Fitzpatrick] saw the defense that they were in and called the audible and it worked just like we practiced it.”

“The play that put us in front in the fourth quarter was the pass to Scott Chandler across the middle.  They stayed with me so nobody was on Chandler.  Had they stayed with him, I would have been open.  It was the same exact play we used when we beat the Raiders.”

Jones talked about this weekend’s visit to Cincinnati.  “Our mindset as a team is that we have not really accomplished anything yet.  We are 3-0, and that’s a good start, but it is a long season.  All of the veterans are staying on the young guys to stay prepared each week and not become content.”

So far the Bills are just an offensive Juggernaut.  Fred Jackson and the running game are loosening up defenses for Fitzpatrick to pick apart.  “Fred is a beast”, remarked Jones.  “He helps our passing game out tremendously by keeping the defense honest with the run.”

Jones and his Bills are in an unfamiliar position this weekend – playing a game that they should win.  People are catching on to what Jones has been telling me since Week 1, when he said the 2011 Bills offense would be a force to be reckoned with.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Jones is now owned by 6% of all fantasy owners, a far cry from zero a month ago.  Pick him up while you can!

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