Praying That The Vuvuzela Stays With Soccer Exclusively


Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I am not much for reporting on soccer.  I am of Italian heritage, meaning I can’t even speak without using my hands.  So to watch a sport with such little offense is just not my thing.  With the World Cup being played, I broke down, had a lapse of indifference for the sport and a feeling of National Pride as I would turn on the USA’s awesome win over Algeria.

Here was the catch… I had to watch the game with the sound muted because after five minutes of feeling like I was in a beehive, I got nervous and uneasy, waiting to get stung on the couch.  I immediately went to ‘Plan B‘ which was to turn on the radio and watch the television.  The buzzing noise of the vuvuzela was still there, but not as loud.  Annoying but tolerable.  Then the announcer spoke and I thought I was watching the Indy 500 from 1983 with Jackie Stewart calling the action.  TV muted, radio off, no sound.

I did some research.  The vuvuzela is a horn which was originally used to summon distant villagers to attend community gatherings. It is 65 cm. and its tone is stuck on B Flat, there is no change, ever. Luckily, it is a South African trademark at soccer matches.

The disadvantage I put myself at was that I am ignorant to the situations of soccer and could have used the help of a knowledgeable announcer.  Little did I know that the game would go on past the end, when the US would get their game-winning goal from Landon Donovan.  I was happy for our soccer team yet confused about why I cared about it.

I will watch the World Cup as long as the United States is playing.  However, after their run is over, so is mine.  All I pray for is that the annoying vuvuzela will be banned from American sports at all levels.  If I wanted a constant buzz, I would start doing drugs or invest in a honey-producing business.

Here is to our soccer club making a run at the cup (with the sound off).

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  • Matt Gajtka:

    Don’t mute the TV if the spectacular Ian Darke is manning the mike! He is excellent and eloquent.

    Nice seeing you at the game last night!

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