Tuesday Links With Roger Waters

In a contest to see who could go broke first, Roger Waters has apparently won.  Tickets went on sale pretty much everywhere in the past five days for Waters tour of the US and they were a bit pricy.  Waters is touring without David Gilmour, who in my opinion was the voice of Pink Floyd.  To catch a “fleeting glimpse” of the Pink Floyd-like concert, expect to shell out a pretty penny.  The average seat is about $210.00 after Ticketmaster fees.  Waters who turns 67 this September is excited about the tour.  Unfortunately, I would rather see Ringo Starr do songs from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band for more than half the admission fee.

Here are some stories from other great sites…

*Babes Love Baseball takes a look at 40 year-old Ken Griffey Jr. and his fading abilities with Not now kids, grandpa is taking a nap.

*NESW Sports uncovers a big scam as they bust the morning show Yo-Yo Master who has been cheating with his Duncan for years.

*PSAMP has some visuals of “The Bus”, Jerome Bettis playing golf in the story titled Jerome Bettis is a fat golfer.

*Gunaxin does a neat piece on 13 hockey goalie masks that have played a role in pop culture.

*Real Fake Sports has the story of a pitcher who got into trouble for NOT throwing a no-hitter against the Baltimore Orioles.

*Pippenainteasy has a link to a website welcoming Lebron James to Chicago to play for the Bulls.

*Outside The Boxscore provides the story of how the Phillie Phanatic dressed up as Lady GaGa and got beat by an umpire.



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