The New York Knicks Report Record Ticket Sales In Hopes Of Landing LeBron

The New York Knicks have reported record season ticket activity for next season based on the hype alone.  For the past couple of seasons, LeBron James has been in the rumor mill as going to New York when his contract expires at season’s end.

The good news for Knicks fans anticipating the big move is that you will get to see LeBron play in Madison Square Garden next season.  The bad news is that he will still be wearing a Cavs uniform and you paid too much for those couple of games.  The newly crowned MVP will stay put.

The Jets stepped it up in the offseason, doing Yankee-like things that New Yorkers have grown to expect.  Now the people want a basketball team to spend a fortune too.  You can afford LeBron, but he is home where he sits now.  It’s his backyard and his friends and family can drive less than an hour to watch.  All the hype about a number switch as of late has barely been mentioned in Knicks conversations, has anyone who did any of the junk photoshop stuff try to use the number six?

The Cavs hold a 1-0 lead over Boston in their current quest to get “The King” a ring.  New York fans are Cleveland fans, for now.  When this supposed deal never takes place, LeBron will be booed from the Eastern end of the Bronx through Manhatten, and he will probably enjoy it.  Click your red Nike’s together three times and repeat after me… ‘There’s No Place Like Home.’

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