Pavlik Loses War To Martinez In Unanimous Decision


Kelly Pavlik trained hard, came into camp in great shape, and had more muscle mass than he ever had before.  Making weight was an issue because of the size.  Adding weight, Pavlik may have made himself slower as Sergio Martinez scored a unanimous 12-round decision.

Pavlik showed heart by finishing the fight, but the night belonged to Martinez who raised his record to 45-2-2 and became the new champion in thunderous fashion.

After the fight, Pavlik said, “He caught me with a nice left hand and he cut me pretty good.  I wasn’t shocked by how aggressive he finished the fight.  It was hard to make the weight, but I hate losing, we will definitely go back to work and get ready for a rematch.  He was a smart fighter and doubled up with the jab alot.”

The first round was pretty uneventful as most traditionally are.  The two fighters spent the majority of the round feeling each other out.  Martinez danced around Pavlik and connected often enough to win the round.

In the second round, Martinez widened a cut on the side of Pavlik’s left eye that may have originated in round one.  Martinez then went into cocky mode as he dropped his hands to his side a couple of times before retaking a boxer’s stance.    Martinez wins the round however, to take a 2-0 lead in rounds.

In round three, Pavlik landed a couple of good shots and the round could be scored either way.  Martinez was doing a good job controlling the action to this point in the fight, but Pavlik was getting closer to landing shots of his own.

Round four was another round for Martinez, who was smiling as he was landing each punch.  Pavlik was slower than Martinez, and had yet to deliver a trademark Pavlik power punch.

In round five, Martinez continued circling Pavlik but the champ started landing.  Pavlik landed his best punches of the fight and staggered Martinez about two minutes in.  The momentum felt like it was starting to shift toward the champion.

Round six saw more of the Martinez cockiness disappear,as he was much less glitzy than the first four rounds.  Another round for Pavlik who was obviously starting to slow down Martinez and was landing shots much more frequently.

In round seven, Martinez hit the canvas in what Martinez argued may have been a slip, but the ref delivered a standing eight count and Pavlik had his most dominant round of the fight picking up a 10-8 session. Martinez continued to slow and Pavlik continued to pick up steam.

The fight seemed even heading into the eighth round.  Pavlik and Martinez were close on the cards.  Martinez was working harder but Pavlik seemed like he was picking up a pattern and connecting more frequently than the earlier rounds.  The judges would have a tough one to score in the round.  At the end of eight, I had the fight scored evenly.

This is where the fight took a turnJack Loew’s prediction earlier in the week had him looking like a genius to this point.  Loew had stated that it would take Pavlik a few rounds to get the rhythm of Martinez timed up and that by round five, Pavlik would connect.  What Loew didn’t expect was for Martinez to open cuts on Pavlik’s face making it hard for the champ to see.

In round nine, Martinez bloodied Pavlik pretty badly.  The cut from earlier in the fight on the champ’s left side and a new cut, much bigger on the right side had Pavlik’s face a pool of blood by round’s end.  Big round for Martinez, arguably a 10-8.

Round ten was a big round for Martinez.  Landing huge shots, the doctors checked Pavlik at the end of the round to see how severe the cuts were and decided the fight could go on.

The last two rounds were target practice for Martinez.  Pavlik was fighting hurt or lacking vision for a good part of the end of both rounds.  At the end of the tenth, eleventh and twelfth rounds, the blood was streaming down both sides of Pavlik’s face.

Give credit where credit is due, Martinez showed up big on this night.  Unfortunately, Martinez is linked to Lou DiBella.  At the post-fight press conference DiBella was like a drunken pirate who just found the treasure chest on a map he found in a trashcan somewhere.  He gloated, took a few verbal shots at Loew who did well restraining himself, and just carried on and on and on.  Bob Arum even looked disgusted while DiBella rambled.  The one thing DiBella said that was respectable was that the decision of a rematch was totally in the hands of Team Pavlik.  “If Kelly decides to move up to 168, we would consider a fight at 154 against [Antonio] Margarito.  It is in the hands of Top Rank.  Pavlik was gracious enough to give us a chance, and we would do the proper thing by honoring his rematch clause.”

On the potential rematch, Loew remarked that, “I don’t have an answer yet, obviously.  Cameron Dunkin, Mike Pavlik, Bob Arum, Kelly, and myself will sit down over the next couple of weeks to make a decision.”

Pavlik’s cutman, Sid Rumbach said Pavlik would need a dozen stitches inside and at least two dozen stitches outside to close the cuts suffered during the fight and Pavlik went to the hospital immediately after leaving the ring, thus missing the press conference.

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