Guest Coaches Add Celebrity Twist To Spring Game

To sit there and watch World Middleweight Boxing Champion Kelly Pavlik and U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan look over a sheet with defensive schemes and offensive formations was just scary.  Pavlik and Ryan served as honorary coaches for the Red team in Saturday’s Spring Football Game at Stambaugh Stadium.

Youngstown Mayor Jay Williams (pictured) and State Senator Joe Schiavoni served as the honorary coaches for the White team.  Williams and I shared some good conversation on the elevator.  Amongst the topics were the rust working itself out of his golf game and what a beautiful day we had for the Spring game.

New YSU President Appointee, Dr. Cynthia E. Anderson, was also on the sidelines and having a good time.  I asked her how she could be an honorary coach and not be wearing headphones or instructing players.  Dr. Anderson laughed and replied, “I am much better at cheering and clapping and being happy.  I know nothing, so I am just going to stand here and be happy.  Seriously though, I think this is wonderful.  We have perfect weather and the school spirit is on display here today.  There is going to be alot of excitement here this year and we will have alot of people coming out.”

Former State Senator Harry Meshel was on hand to show his support for the program.  “The crowd is exhilleratedWolf brings alot to the coaching situation, you can see it in the ballplayers, even the ones who are a little shorter.  The guy [Wolford] has so much spirit, and we just have to keep making this game bigger every time we do it.”

At one point in the second half when the Red scored a touchdown, someone from Team Pavlik shouted out, “Nice call Kelly!”  Pavlik turned back with a keen smirk nodding his head saying, “Yeah, it was nice, wasn’t it.” 

A couple of moments later the chants of ‘Kelly-Kelly-Kelly’ started in the lower bleachers to which Pavlik turned, smiled, and tipped his cap to the fans.  The only other chant even close was a ‘Wolford-Wolford-Wolford’ chant that went up in the first half.

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