How The Cleveland Browns Saved 2009

Being halfway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, I always seem to hear more from the Steelers fans.  I do not really like or dislike either team, but the Steeler fans who have run their mouths for the past twelve months (on their latest run) sicken me. 

I respect the way that the Rooney Family does their thing.  They don’t indulge in the free agent market, nor do they re-sign many of their players who become free agents.  They use a system to recycle a philosophy instead of players. 

The Browns, on the other hand, spend all kinds of money on the wrong free agents, have an unstable front office, and seem to pull names out of a hat on draft day.  On one cold Thursday night in Cleveland, I wanted the Browns to win.

What made Cleveland’s 13-6 win so satisfying to me was that I didn’t have to hear the fans of either team.  The 2-11 Browns fans are probably pissed that their team blew draft position for a win, albeit against the hated Steelers.

The usually arrogant Steeler fans were nowhere to be found this past weekend.  When you happen to see a known Steeler fan and call them out, they heavily rely on history and “six rings”.  The past is done.  What have you done for me lately?  It is now hockey season in Pittsburgh.  Those defending champs should fare better than the Steelers did this season.

The most verbal feedback I ever took from the locals was when three weeks ago, right here on this website, I predicted that Pittsburgh would not make the playoffs.  Everywhere I went, I caught an earful.  That earful has taken a sharp decrescendo with each passing week.  Sorry Steelers fans, you cannot win all of the time.

Browns fans, you have my sympathy.  By beating a half-hearted Steeler team Thursday night, you have probably gained the pleasure of suffering with Eric Mangini and Brady Quinn for a couple of seasons. 

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  • […] I’ve always known that it would suck a hairy sack to live in the rust belt.  But I never considered having to deal with obnoxious NFL fans of multiple awful teams as being one of the draw backs.  Imagine hearing shit-talk from Steelers fans and Browns fans all year long.  Jesus.  That’s like finding out you have Crabs on your Genital Warts.  <paneech> […]

  • From an avid Pittsburgh sports fan, this post is music to my ears. A lot of Steelers fans are arrogant and ignorant and make the city look bad with their antics when the team comes out on top, so I figure I win no matter if they win or lose!

    Honestly, I think Ben is a phenomenal QB and Polamalu is arguably the best defensive player in the league, this team has a lot of aging/declining players and may need a free-agency injection to get back to playoff form.

    Decrescendo? I’m upset I didn’t use that word first…

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