Drew Brees Earns Early MVP Consideration By Dismantling Patriots

I know that there are still five weeks left in the NFL’s regular season.  I also know that people who vote like to do things to shake the can sometimes.  In this case, considering Brett Favre over Drew Brees for the NFL MVP would be a travesty.

Brees threw at least five passes in New Orleans 38-17 pasting of New England that could only be caught if thrown to a perfect location.  He has been doing this game after game all year long.  As a biased Saints fan, I have watched Brees shred defenses with this sort of precision passing all year.

How many people think the Saints are a flash in the pan now?  This was supposed to be the game that proved what a rouse this team was.  Yeah, they play in a crappy division, but so has Pittsburgh for the last few years.  When the Saints are in full stride, the only way to beat them is to outscore them, and I just do not see that happening. 

Looking at the rest of their schedule, New Orleans has a Thursday game with Dallas in a couple of weeks that could pose a threat to going undefeated.  They also play scrappy Atlanta again, but I don’t think anyone can beat the Saints this season.  They can beat themselves, which is probably the better choice.

Give Brees the trophy now.  And thank you San Diego a million times over for the gift you have given New Orleans!

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