Kelly Pavlik’s 13th Round To Open September 11


 Youngstown area night life is about to get a big shot in the arm.  Eric Ryan has teamed with Kelly Pavlik to bring Kelly Pavlik’s 13th Round  to downtown Struthers.  This is not a normal mom and pop neighborhood bar, but more an event. 

Formerly known as South Bridge, a place where people went to play pool, hear some live music, or eat a decent meal upstairs at Fat E’s, the conversion to Kelly Pavlik’s 13th Round is nearly complete and the doors to a whole new nightlife experience open to the public on September 11. 

The only thing that will stay the same is the lower level, aka The Cellar.  Eric Ryan and staff will continue to feature the best local and national musical talent to this exclusive venue.  Anyone who has been to The Cellar for a Disco Inferno night understands the level of entertainment you can still get for a few bucks.

The mid-level, formerly South Bridge, a pool hall and bar is undergoing the biggest makeover.  There will be a boxing ring right in the bar.  The bar itself will be huge and there will be a kitchen open to serve food to the patrons in the form of hamburgers, wings, fries, and many other menu items.  The big menu item will be called “The Knockout”.  The Knockout sandwich weighs three pounds and is basically the size of a loaf of bread.  Anyone who purchases the sandwich will also receive a T-shirt.  Kelly Pavlik was even contacted by the popular show Man vs Food to showcase the new sandwich. The customer can order food and will be given a blinking light box that will activate once an order is prepared and ready for consumption.  The bar itself will also feature 13 flat screen TV’s and will carry mostly any sport on any day.  My personal favorite feature will be something I cannot really comment about until the bar opens, but I will give you a hint in that I am a sports memorabilia fanatic.  If you even remotely care about sports this is your place. 

IMG_3348 by you.

The top level has also undergone many upgrades both in appearance and class.  Chef Jeff Chrystal of Chrystal Catering notoriety will be in charge of the top level food.  Alligator is an appetizer choice, duck is also an option, but the menu will have several other “normal” selections such as steaks.  The picture above denotes one of the cool ideas incorporated into the new establishment.  A designer has painted, in different colors and fonts on the wall, quotes from several notable boxing legends.  There is a similar project associated with this concept downstairs which I will save as a surprise to the clients. 

Alan Drennen is the general manager for the entire complex and talked about what a great menu Jeff Chrystal is going to provide.  “It’s going to be a well-rounded unique menu.  There are unbelievable pasta dishes, steaks, steakburgers that are hand-pattied not bought processed.  It’s going to be really good food yet still be affordable.”

Ryan is pumped about the new establishment and said that Kelly Pavlik is more involved than people may think from an insider standpoint.  “It’s something Kelly and I have been talking about for a long time.  It is a way for him to generate some income without getting punched in the face.  We have business meetings and when he is in attendance, he certainly is no dummy.  I’m the manager of the place, but Kelly has had input on the menu, he has had input on the look of the place.  We have transformed the billiards room in to the most incredible sports bar you are ever going to see.”

I am really excited for the premier of this establishment.  Eric Ryan brings a spotless track record and a resume filled only with success to a higher level yet again.  The Covelli Centre is hot right now, don’t think it’s because Ryan didn’t have anything to do with it.  This guy does not hide in his office.  He has a knack of putting the right people in place to oversee facets of every project he attempts.  More importantly, the guy follows through on everything.  Kelly Pavlik’s 13th Round is going to be special

Thank’s Kelly and Eric for giving the valley another shot in the arm!

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  • Tami:

    Congrats to the new bar. Can’t wait to visit.

    whats the news on Michael Stanley coming October 17th

  • April:

    Congrats and God Bless on your new establishment-haven’t been there yet but am SOOOO..looking forward to great food and good times! Our area needs an inspirational homegrown place to eat, drink, and be merry in these hard times. And with such an excellent start with Jeff Chrystal and Kelly Pavlik, I’m sure it will be a “hit”!!

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