Kelly Pavlik vs Paul Williams Set For October 3 In Atlantic City

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Kelly Pavlik is going back to his second home, Atlantic City, to defend the Middleweight Championship against Paul Williams.  After weeks of tireless negotiations, the two sides finally agreed on dollars to make the fight a reality on October 3.  Joe Scalzo, the Youngstown Vindicator Boxing Reporter broke the story late yesterday.

The dynamics of this fight are fascinating.  These guys are both tall and narrow and have one thing in common ~ big punch potential.  The belief that Williams cannot take Pavlik’s best punch is countered by the fact that Williams is a southpaw, something Pavlik has not faced in awhile.  Williams is a very active fighter and throws punches from bell to bell.

Williams recently fought Antonio Margarito and came out ahead.  The early predictions I have read all seem to go with Williams.  Call me a homer, but these are the same experts who picked Edison Miranda and Jermaine Taylor.  My money is always on Pavlik, and I’m ahead.  Jack Loew, Pavlik’s trainer,  will create ways, as he has before, to offset Williams’ strengths.  I expect more counter-punches and more body shots to keep Williams off balance. 

The fight is scheduled for October 3 and will be televised on regular HBO.  Pavlik was hinting to many that he wanted to be on HBO and not on a PPV, which I think is greater exposure setting up bigger paydays later.  HBO will be calling this their fight of the year if these two guys bring their A-games.

Tickets for the fight go on sale August 18.  I will be posting much more leading up to the fight.


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