Kelly Pavlik vs Felix Sturm Tentatively Scheduled For October 3

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Kelly Pavlik was at the Mahoning Valley Scrappers game on Thursday night and revealed his plans for the future, as well as what he has been up to lately.  A swarm of fans greeted Pavlik to get autographed copies of his book written by David Lee Morgan, Jr. and Greg Gulas.  The book is for sale on the official Team Pavlik website.

Pavlik said that the Felix Sturm (32-4-1, 14 KO’s) fight is on the board, but not set in stone yet.  “That’s the talk.  A couple of weeks ago it was definitely Felix Sturm until he backed out.  Now that this Super Middleweight Tournament is going on Showtime, I think it’s pretty much a reality that the fight [Sturm] is going to happen.” 

It seems the holdup on making the fight with Sturm official is the proposed purse from HBO.  “Somebody better throw some more money out there.  He’s got the WBA world title, I’ve got two titles.”  HBO has offered the fighters roughly $1 million each.  “If we’ve got to split that, I wasn’t going to take a fight for that.”

Pavlik (35-1, 31 KO’s) said he has been keeping busy lately and has even started to get into shape.  “We are starting at about three days a week now, I run.  Then next week we start with the weightlifting and getting back into the boxing gym.  We’re not going to do it too hard now because we still have a long way.  When you do eight weeks of seven hours a day of training, you don’t want to go too long out. I keep myself in pretty good shape, three days a week I always work out whether it’s lifting weights, or my basketball court, we get some pickup games going – we’re out there for four hours a day playing against different teams that come in, so I’m always doing some kind of activities.”

Kelly stressed that he is very anxious to get back in the ring.  ” As soon as we find out the exact date of the fight, and the date can still change, know that I am definitely excited to get back in the ring.”

Pavlik commented on the internet and blogs.  ” They wrote me off before and look what happened, I’ve got two belts.”

When asked where the fight might take place, Pavlik answered, “AC [Atlantic City], Youngstown or Cleveland.  Sturm’s coming over from Germany, I don’t see it happening in Vegas because he fought [Oscar]DeLa Hoya there and he kind of got robbed on that fight.  AC is kind of my second home, so, they’re going to have to pick somewhere in the Midwest I guess.”

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