Linked And Loaded – Tuesday 5/26/09

Well, seems as though the Cavs have dug themselves a nice fat hole to climb out of.  Problem is while trying to climb out, Orlando keeps piling dirt on them with their big shovel.  Cavs have to win tonight or they are in big trouble.  Here are some stories from other great sites:


Royals Skipper Trey Hillman Spits In Umpire Paul Emmel’s Eyes * Detroit4Lyfe
Lebron James & Kobe Bryant Muppets One-On-One Nike Commercial * NESW Sports
Percy Harvin Dishes Some Dirt On Tim Tebow * The Viking Age
The Interweb: Star Wars Bathroom And Charlie Steiner’s Sweet Science * NESW Sports
Mr. T Butchering Take Me Out To The Ball Game * Total Pro Sports
Rehab Proving To Be Too Much For Jeremy Shockey * InGameNow
NBA Mock Drafts And Where NC Tar Heels Fab Four Sit * The 5th Corner
Jose Canseco Gets Pummeled By 7’2″ Korean Kickboxer * Chicago’s MMA
Albert Pujols Home Run Breaks Big Mac Sign * Sports Rubbish
Pretty Ugly Woman Starring Dirk Nowitzki And Cristal Taylor * Hoop Doctors
Steroids In MLB: Before And After Photos * Sports2Debate
Cavs Sign Ownership Deal With Chinese Group * FOX Sports
Brandon Roy’s Thoughts On The NBA Playoffs So Far * A Stern Warning
Indians Post Remarkable Comeback Against Rays * Tribe Daily
Lakers vs Nuggets Game 4 Recap * The No-Look Pass
Sharapova Gets A Nice Win To Open The French * Sharapova’s Thigh
Anthony Johnson Bloodies Mo Williams… Intentionally? * Talk Hoops
Where Have You Gone, Aramis Ramirez? * The Friendlyblogfines
NCAA Women’s Lacrosse? No Hot Chicks Here * The World Of Isaac
Manchester Soccer Player Says He Will Streak Naked If He Scores * Steady Burn

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