Linked And Loaded – Friday 5/15/09

Stories from other great sites!


Who Is Your NBA Dream Team? * King James Gospel
The Greatest Movie Hoopers Ever (Jesus Shuttlesworth All-Stars) * Ed The Sports Fan
Michael Phelps Jumps Back In The Water * In Game Now
The Angels & Demons Of The Sports World * Fansided
The Weirdest Last Names On Sports Jerseys * Fan IQ
Kobe And Lebron Championship Rings Muppet Commercial * NESW Sports
Chuck Liddell And Chris Cooley Sing With Journey * Total Pro Sports
Bye Bye Ducks * The World Of Isaac
Derrick Rose Talks About His Tattoos * Docksquad Sports
Jim Leyland Ejected After Protecting Magglio’s Honor * Detroit4Lyfe
Jim Leyritz Hospitalized After He Threatens To Kill Himself * FOX Sports

Thanks for reading and bet the #9 horse Saturday!

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