Wednesday’s Winners! A Look At Other Great Stories

Busy week and more to come!  Here are some great stories from friends to help catch you up!

Kevin Garnett: Got The Ring, Still No Class * PippenAintEasy
Pad Harrington Uses Happy Gilmore Swing For Better Drive * Total Pro Sports
Matthew Stafford Top Ten From David Letterman * Sports Rubbish
Even The Ref Can’t Stop Kobe From Scoring * Hoop Doctors
Who Is Currently The Best Player In Baseball And Can He Be An All-Time Great * Sports2Debate
Lebron And Kobe New Vitamin Water Commercial * Docksquad Sports
Lebron For Pope * The Legend of Cecilio Guante
John Salley Is Calling Technology His Crack * NESW Sports
Arizona Cardinals Cut Edgerrin James * FOX Sports
Rowdy Roddy Piper Shockproof Vests Are In Style * Hugging Harold Reynolds
Ryan Braun Still Mad About Getting Hit With A Pitch * True Blue Brew Blog
Paul Pierce Finally Shows Up * Josh Q. Public
Mr. Irrelevance is Gaining Revelance * Moondog Sports
Eric Wedge Really Should Bite Someone * Tribe Daily
DVD Review: Fever Pitch * Baseball Reflections
Why Does Everyone Seem To Love Ned Colletti? * Sharapova’s Thigh
Videos Before Bedtime: NHL Highlights * The Program

Thanks for checking in!

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