Vitamin Water Is The New Advertising Pig At NCAA Tournament

Remember years ago when people saw the Gatorade coolers on the sidelines of every major sporting event? Vitamin Water has taken over those sidelines for a hefty price I’m sure.  I did notice while watching a few Elite Eight games that the Vitamin Water coolers were behind the bench of each team.  The neat part was that when CBS switched to a different game, the coolers were a different color.  Great marketing but dumb at the same time.  If Vitamin Water really had their act together, they would have coordinated the coolers to match the team colors.

Personally, I do not like the way the stuff tastes.  It is like Kool-Aid without sugar and just tastes bland.  Gatorade still is better tasting than Vitamin Water.

3 Responses to “Vitamin Water Is The New Advertising Pig At NCAA Tournament”

  • But their catch is the misleading advertising of “vitamin” in that its a healthy drink when in all actually it has more sugar than some sodas…craziness.

    (taking a swig of XXX Vitamin Water)

    Damn Glauceau and their trickery!


  • Good point Ed! When mixed with the wrong stuff more sugar can take away from the sweetness.

  • Keylin:

    You guys are so negatively bias. Vitamin water only has 16g of sugar while most sodas an other sweet drinks have 30 to 50g of sugar. Plus, did u forget about the vitamins it has in it? Gatorade has none

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