Why Is Tiger Woods Still Ranked #1 ?

I will start by saying Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer in the world.  I have spent many warm Sunday evenings watching this guy walk down the final few fairways with the lead in any given tournament.  I sit with my mouth open and wonder how he does it, in a game of consistency and precision, be that consistent and precise.  Whether it is knocking down the long putt, wedging one in from the trap, or just killing the ball on a clutch tee shot.  No one is better, no one was better, he is rewriting the record books.

What confuses me though is how Tiger can remain the number one ranked golfer through such a long period of inactivity.  Has the PGA opinionized their rankings to try to keep ratings?  Love him or hate him, Phil Mickelson has played in almost every tournament Tiger has missed and even won a couple.  He has finished in the money and has had a decent start to this season.  I am no Mickelson mark, although I have watched him choke up leads in the past, but wonder how he hasn’t overtaken the name Tiger Woods atop the rankings.   Because if you think about it, Tiger’s name holds the spot, for now.  Tiger, the golfer hasn’t done anything to distance himself from the field lately.

I’m sure Woods will play well at Augusta in a couple of weeks, he will probably even be favored to win.  Not many bookmakers will have him as the underdog, ever.  Jack Nicklaus still plays once in the while, maybe the PGA can make him number two in the rankings.  He accomplished plenty in the past.

My point is simply that inactivity creates demise.  I am not sure what criteria makes one the best, but I am sure that not competeing is not weighed in.  Maybe golf is going to use a BCS formula, quality points + endorsements divided by green jackets.

I am a  Tiger Woods fan and hope that he earns that spot over the next couple of months.  Until then, his name is the best golfer in the world.

4 Responses to “Why Is Tiger Woods Still Ranked #1 ?”

  • We all know Tiger is the best, but any system that has someone who missed so much time as #1 is a joke.

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  • Pat Rohr:

    What a joke. tiger hasn’t won in over a year. If your going to rank someone for what they have done in the past Jack’s #1

  • Chris:

    this is an old post, but i came accross it. The reason Tiger was ranked #1 for so long is because of the points system Golf uses. Tiger Woods absolutely dominated for so long that he was way, way, way far ahead of the competition so much that he could endure an awful slump and/or layoff and still be ahead in points. It took about a year and a half for the next in line to rake enough points even during Tigers layoff to pass him.

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